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Tea & Chocolate pairing

Tea & Chocolate Pairing

What could be better than heartwarming tea paired with a delicious chocolate? Like quality tea, quality chocolate is simple luxury and pairing them together can totally change your tasting experience.

Take a bite of chocolate and sip your favorite tea. Let the flavors coat your tongue and experience how the taste of the chocolate accompanies and enriches the taste of the tea. There are loads of possible combinations so if you need some suggestions, we have you covered. Here follows some perfect matches of tea and chocolate!


Dark, complex chocolates need strong, full bodied teas on their side like our Maiden’s Ecstasy or Green Ecstasy. The earthy notes of those teas harmonize with the robust chocolate. For a great balance try English breakfast or Four Seasons Oolong tea.


70% cacao doesn’t overpower the citrus taste of Earl Grey, and can only enhance the umami taste of Gyokuro. and Mainichi Matcha. Try pairing the chocolate with our exquisite Golden Phoenix Oolong to bring out the extraordinarily vivid fruit and sweet honey aromas and flavors of this tea.


Both our Masala Chai and Chai Concentrate as well as Sweet Houjicha are brewed with milk and sugar – pair with sweet milk chocolate for a smooth mouthfeel. Or, try Houjicha tea with milk chocolate. They complement each other perfectly as they cover your tongue.


The soothing creaminess of white chocolate is best complemented by a light green tea. Jasmine Pearl or Bancha are delicious options, as well as our Shibumi Matcha. For a treat, Sweet Matcha with white chocolate is particularly good.


Add body to our mint teas with caramel filled chocolate. Whether you choose Moorish Mint, Spearmint Sage, Cacao Mint or Peppermint Superior, caramel adds a fuller mouthfeel to herbal teas.


A hand made truffle combined with citrus flavors of Earl Grey is simply a delicious combination. Or bring out the flavor of the chocolate with the toasty Houjicha tea or woodsy Wuyi Dark roast.

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