411 Valencia Masala Chai Concentrate

We blend our signature organic black tea with the highest quality spices, sourced from around the world and cured to perfection. Brew it with whole milk or milk substitute for a liquor, or tea infusion, that’s smooth, sweet and delightfully spicy.

411 Valencia Masala Chai Concentrate

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Our Earl Grey tea is harvested from ancient trees by the indigenous Dai tribes in the jungles of Yunnan. After harvesting, the leaves are fully oxidized, eliciting notes of caramel and pipe tobacco. They are then blended with bergamot to create the Earl Grey citrus aroma and flavor.

411 Valencia Masala Chai Concentrate

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Masala Chai Concentrate

Making delicious chai at home couldn’t be easier with our microbrewed masala chai tea concentrate, named for our location at 411 Valencia Street in San Francisco. Brewed in small batches to ensure the highest quality, this tea is preserved at peak freshness in a quart-sized TetraPak.

411 Valencia Masala Chai Concentrate

A delicious classical spring blend with soothing organic chamomile flowers, organic lemongrass and organic lemon myrtle. With an extra spearmint kick and notes of lavender and citrus

a fruity blend that creates a refreshing tea experience

A fruity, tart and refreshing herbal blend that is bright and energizing with notes of hibiscus, barley malt and tropical fruits.
Makes a great iced tea.

Hibiscus Bliss
Earl Grey

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