Vivid Brew Teapot


Tempered glass teapot with stainless steel lid. Rugged enough for our tea houses, refined enough for your tea ritual.

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Vivid Brewpot Replacement Pitcher (No Lid)

Tempered glass teapot. Rugged enough for our tea houses, refined enough for your tea ritual.

Wabi Sabi Teacup

There is such a thing as the perfect teacup. Hand made. Durable. One of a kind.

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Chai Mug

Handmade in the SF Bay Area by master potter Kiyomi Koide, this entirely unique, entirely lovely ceramic mug will warm its way into your heart. Perfect for drinking tea, chai or even coffee.

1 Tbsp Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon

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Your morning starts the moment you open your eyes.

Take a breath.

Sunlight streams in your room.

Energy. The day starts, and your tea awaits.

It’s the simple things like sunlight, clean air, fresh water and good organic tea that help you meet the day’s challenges.  So start off right with a simple cup of tea, mindfully, as soon as you wake up.

Simple Tea, simple brewing. That’s the Vivd Brew Teapot.

Simplicity is analog. Leaves, water, and just a moment of your time. 

For so many people tea has been complicated and overwhelming. But not so with this classic Samovar teahouse Vivid Brewpot. Just add leaves and water and sit. And watch.

Take a breath.

This morning is  yours. Witness the leaves unfurl before your eyes, and the aroma of deliciousness waft gently out the spout.

Just two parts, a lid and a pot, this kitchen necessity is made for us in Taiwan (the capital of the world’s best oolong tea) from tempered glass and stainless steel. Long lasting, durable, and beautiful for every single infusion. It may look delicate, but this glass pot is 4x stronger than ordinary, annealed glass.

On your kitchen table for your morning tea, or at your desk for a midday pick-me-up, form follows function as this pot literally disappears, leaving only a floating infusion of steeping leaves to arouse every sense you have. Be patient. A good tea takes time. 2 to 5 minutes to be precise.

Elegant for the home for your morning ritual, but robust enough for us to use in our San Francisco tea houses, this teapot has delivered joy to millions of happy drinkers, and stayed solid after thousands of washings through our commercial dishwashers. The Vivid Brewpot is beautiful and strong and never skips a beat, infusion after infusion it’s the most beautiful workhorse of teapots you’ll find.

Durable and scratch resistant, the glass washes crystal clear every time. The solid stainless steel lid includes a laser-etched and micro-fine filter to strain out even the finest rooibos tea leaves. (But, it’s not so fine to strain out matcha. It allows matcha to pass clean through the micro-filter to infuse your brew with it’s green goodness.) 

And it makes your tea taste even more delicious.

The Vivid Brewpot is so special because it literally lights up all your senses. You just have to brew some tea to believe it.

Sight – Watch the leaves unfurl, filling the pot with their bright colors. Red hibiscus. Green matcha. Black Puerh. You pick the tea and just sit back and watch. When the right color arises, you’ll know. Pour it out and sip the perfect brew.

Aroma – Delicately the steam wafts out the spout and into your nostrils. Inhale the spice and freshness of fresh herbs, the richness of an oolong, the maltiness of a black tea. Let your nose guide you, leading your sensory experience, hinting at the waiting  delights inside the pot. 

Taste – Activate your senses and things taste better. See, smell, and feel the tea, and appreciate the flavor even more than a tea brewed in a non-clear teapot.  In this teapot, you’ll get the perfect tasting tea every time. 

Touch – The Vivid Brewpot is the perfect thickness of glass to provide both stability and safety, and insulation and protection. You can feel the heat of the water through the glass to determine the perfect temperature for your brew. And the sleek blemishless glass and stainless inform you of a truly quality kitchen tool.


  • Modern clean design
  • Fits all hand sizes, kids to big lumberjacks
  • Tempered  Taiwanese glass 
  • Solid stainless steel lid with laser-etched micro-mesh filter
  • Scratch  resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect size for 1 or 2 people
  • Fits all home aesthetics: modern enough for contemporary design, and classic for the traditional tea drinker
  • Brews all tea perfectly: Turmeric, rooibos and herbals, English Breakfast, Japanese senchas, pu-erh, oolong and more
  • Great for brewing iced tea (just add ice!) and hot tea too

Pairs perfectly with the following Samovar gear

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Weight13 oz
Dimensions6 × 5 × 8 in

Brewpot, Brewpot Replacement (No Lid)

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I recommend this product


Most convenient for making a quick cup of tea.

A Samovar Tea Customer
Jonathan S.
I recommend this product

Perfect for single servings!

Such a nice little teapot. Simple and elegant. Makes a second or third steeping a breeze while also giving you the ability to see the infusion process. There's just something about watching the leaves swell and unfurl, changing water into tea, that at least for me, makes the whole process more enjoyable.

Eric W.
I recommend this product

The spout drips after you pour

The spout drips down the side anytime you pour. It’s like the glass melted and drooped too much. I emailed Samovar about this and they have not replied.


My wife's favorite teapot!

My wife absolutely loves this. She's been drinking chamomile team for years and she said this completely changes the experience. The best part is it makes it very easy to make 2-3 cups using the same tea leaves. Chamomile can be brewed multiple times and still provide a great cup!