Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Tea


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Get the complete video guide right now and become a tea master while you enjoy our favorite handcrafted teas.

For thousands of years people have benefited from the energy, mental clarity and healing qualities of tea—and in our hyper-connected world we need tea more than ever. Tea reminds us to slow down, provides mental focus, stimulates creativity, increases metabolism and is full of natural cancer-fighting antioxidants. Tea tastes delicious and is a great alternative to coffee and alcohol. Plus, it gives us a great ritual to enjoy with our family and friends.

But the world of tea can be overwhelming. How do you know if you’re drinking top-quality tea? What about brewing it just right? And what about all the varieties of tea and tea ware to choose from?

The Samovar Tea Lounge Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Tea is a series of educational videos where I cover everything you need to get into tea.

What you get:

  • 15 instructional tea videos that you can watch at your own pace, anytime, from your computer or mobile device
  • Instructions to brew the perfect cup of tea
  • Knowledge of the benefits to body, mind and spirit
  • Instruction in tasting tea like a wine sommelier
  • Our secret techniques to quickly and easily identify top-quality teas
  • Knowledge of Black, Oolong, White, Green, Pu-erh and Herbals
  • Which teas are best when aged, which to drink fresh, which benefit from milk and sweetener, and must be taken straight
  • How to brew and taste the elusive Gyokuro, the shade grown Japanese green tea
  • Tea lore including the truth about black tea and when to throw out white tea
  • Plus much more