Masala Chai

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Samovar Organic Masala Chai is hand blended in small batches using only premium, organic, cinnamon, cardamom pods, whole cloves, cracked black pepper, shredded ginger, and wild-crafted black tea.

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Handmade in the SF Bay Area by master potter Kiyomi Koide, this entirely unique, entirely lovely ceramic mug will warm its way into your heart. Perfect for drinking tea, chai or even coffee.

Samovar Organic Masala Chai is hand blended in small batches using only premium, organic, cinnamon, cardamom pods, whole cloves, cracked black pepper, shredded ginger, and wild-crafted black tea. 

Our Organic Masala Chai blend dissipates mental fog and cloudy mornings for you just like it is done for us in San Francisco for nearly twenty years. Energy, focus, and full bodied flavor, this chai delivers pure joy in every inhalation. 

From your stovetop to your mug, our proprietary blend of spicy, sweet, and floral notes will fill your kitchen and please your family. (Best when sipped from your very own hand made chai mug.)

Our chai blend holds up perfectly to just hot water and a mindful moment of your time. Or take a bit longer to simmer it with milk and cane sugar on your stove for a special treat, just like we do at Samovar. 

However you like  your morning chai, it is the natural energy drink of billions of happy morning people worldwide, for hundreds of years. Having stood the test of time, masala chai delivers pure energy, mental clarity, and a natural mood boost in every single sip.

Our fresh chai blend is perfect all day long. In the morning. In the afternoon. And even in the evening.

The spices are whole, and sourced in small fresh batches from farmers practicing sustainably. And the wildcrafted organic Yunnan black tea in the blend has 75% of the caffeine of coffee, but will never give you the jitters of coffee, or the midday caffeine crash. 

All day chai energy

Yes. Samovar masala chai fuels your tank with all day energy. Spicy, creamy, naturally sweet.

The floral notes of cardamom, the zing of ginger, and the natural sweetness of cinnamon bind together in your mug and transport you to to that special place –  pure tea joy.  


  • Blended using 100% organic ingredients
  • Made in small batches by hand
  • Spices and tea cure for minimum 2 months to imbue deep, complex flavor
  • Full flavor great steeped with milk, or water

How To Brew Masala Chai the Samovar Way (Serves 2)

  • Boil 2 cups filtered water and add 2 Tbsp Masala chai chai blend
  • Add sweetener of choice (raw organic cane sugar, honey, etc)
  • Simmer for ten minutes on medium heat
  • Add 1 cup milk or milk alternative
  • Bring to a near boil. DO NOT BOIL
  • Strain into cups and enjoy
  • For an iced chai treat, let your chai cool and serve over ice

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Health benefits of Chai

The biggest health benefit of chai is pure happiness. Chai makes people happy. Delighted actually. Spicy, rich, creamy, slightly sweet and totally energizing. If that is not enough, here are a few more benefits you might find interesting. 

The bottom line is, the spicy, creamy, sweet Masala chai you love so much did not actually begin at Samovar. 

Our chai harks way back thousands of years to India. Here, virtually every grandmother served up an adaptogenic all-day elixir known as “Kashaya” or “grandmothers tea golden milk.” This homemade brew was for all ages and health conditions. 

And it was, and is, still served using  ginger, turmeric, whole milk, and jaggery raw sugar. Grandmothers Tea Golden Milk soothed tummies and elevated moods for all. Enter “tea” production in India, and someone decided to add some tea leaves to this drink, and voila, caffeinated chai (“tea”) was born. Not only was it medicinal, it was energizing! The ultimate  all day drink energy drink.

It was only a matter of time and experimentation that folks started adding in cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, tulsi, cloves, and other spices to transform Grandmothers Tea, into  “Everybodys all-day tea.” Chai continued to evolve over the millenia into many, many varieties. Today we have Kashmiri chai, Masala Chai, Adrak (ginger) chai, Elaichi (cardamom) chai, and Sulaimani (black tea and lemon) chai.

Chai latte? That is an American name for a milky chai. We have co-opted coffee “latte” culture with this term and it means nothing other than chai with milk.  Unfortunately for Americans, 99% of chai in this country is a sugary, processed instant concentrate designed to be heated under a milk wand in a coffee shop. That is not real chai. That is sugar water and warm milk. 

Taste Samovar chai to taste the tradition of India, but better. Ours is 100% organic. We use only fresh, whole spices and tea. And we blend it in small batches to ensure deliciousness, potency, and consistency. 

Why is our chai so popular? 

Simple: It tastes so good, feels so good, and functions so good. We have sold millions of cups of it over the years in our tea houses in San Francisco. We have provided hundreds of cafes and restaurants all over the country with access to our supply. And we have shipped it directly to customers worldwide since we opened. 

Chai is nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but tastes way better and gives you a caffeine boost without a coffee crash. Coffee tastes like…coffee. But our Masala Chai has deep, floral, spicy complexity that soothes and energizes at the same time. 

And chai is so easy. You can just steep it in hot water and let the natural sweetness of cinnamon satisfy you, or you can add a touch of honey or sugar and cream to make it like we do.

How to pick the chai that is right for you?

  • Start with energy level – Want a coffee alternative that will energize your morning? Begin with our organic Masala Chai classic blend or our scrumptious  Pumpkin Chai.  Want something before bed, or late afternoon, without caffeine? Try one of our Turmeric Blends, or, Ocean of Wisdom rooibos chai.
  • Next, pick your flavor – Bright, malty and clove and cinnamon forward? Ocean of Wisdom. Earth, sultry, sweet, smoky? Dandelion Detox. Turmeric and Ginger? Turmeric Gold. Cardamom and Turmeric notes with a citrus sweet kick? Turmeric Tonic.
  • Brew some up – If you want it sweet and creamy, add milk and sweetener as written above. If you want it fast, and like your chai lighter, just boil water, and add 10 ounces to 1 Tablespoon of your favorite blend, and steep for 3 minutes. Be sure to use boiling water! Enjoy!

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The best chai

For years this has been the best chai

Stephen P.
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My favorite chai

I love to mix it with Lapsang Souchong and prepare with milk and honey.

Julia W.
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I've been using this tea as my morning tea. I drink it with some oat milk creamer. It's mellow enough to enjoy first thing but complex enough to savor.

I recommend this product

Favorite Chai

This chai is our go-to when we need a delicious cup of chai