Shibumi Matcha
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Shibumi Matcha

$19.00$119.00 or subscribe and save up to 20%

Notes of steamed rice, Japanese sweet potato, green hay

The quality of matcha is determined by the time and care taken in selecting and processing the leaves. The more uniform the leaves and size of particles, the more resonant and remarkable the brew.
This mid-level matcha is slightly sweeter and has a smoother mouthfeel than the Mainichi, with notes of steamed rice, sweet potato and green hay.

PROCESSING NOTESShading the tea bushes allows only 10% of the sunlight to enter the slowly growing plants, increasing chlorophyll concentration, sweetness, and caffeine. Hand-scissoring (not machine), deveining the leaves, and granite-milling (not ceramic) yield a deep, creamy, extremely fine vivid green matcha.

INGREDIENTSOrganic Stone-milled, shade grown, Japanese green tea powder




Sift 1 TSP into matcha bowl. Add 6 oz hot water. Whisk until small tight bubbles are formed.

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