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Live Tea Time with Creator of the Monk Manual

Live Tea Time with Steve Lawson
Monthly Monk Manual PagesJoin Samovar Tea founder and Monk Manual creator on October 29 at 12pm PT for an interactive tea time and discussion about productivity in times of stress

The Monk Manual is the one to-do manager you’ll love to use. Because it’s so much more.

On October 29 at 12pm PST Samovar Tea founder, Jesse Jacobs, will be joined by Monk Manual creator, Steve Lawson, for tea and discussion — and you’re invited. This talk is exactly what we all need – an intimate and personal talk about tools that help us deal with the challenges of the day and the philosophies that guide us towards an inspired life.

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Why I Love the Monk Manual

The Beautiful Monk Manual
My morning ritual starts with waking up before the sun, brewing some Masala Chai, and opening my journal to a blank sheet. The pen flows and my book becomes a sacred placeholder for thoughts, feelings, and to dos. Starting the day by clearing my mind has always left me more refreshed and more serene. It’s a habit I stick to without interruption. No matter what’s transpired in the world or in life, thinking, feeling, and writing with pen and paper just…works. Morning journaling is a sacred, creative, cleansing act. And if you’ve never started, now is the time.

Four  months ago this morning ritual got a rude but transformational interruption. My wife came downstairs at 5am and killed the flow by dropping a copy of the “Monk Manual” down on the kitchen table in front of me. It knocked my pen to the side and wrinkled the paper in my journal. “What the heck?!….” Continue reading Why I Love the Monk Manual

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Live! Join Me for Tea with Seth Godin

Live tea time with Seth Godin

Seth Godin, Yellow GlassesJoin me and Seth Godin for tea on Friday, Oct. 2 @ 12pm PDT.

Seth Godin has been writing and teaching about the creative side of business — and the business side of creativity — for decades, including 19 bestsellers. I discovered Seth in 2002 when I was just starting Samovar. And I’ve been a fan ever since.

I hope you’ll join us for this free, livestream tea time. It’s going to be an intimate conversation about art, business, creativity, and the obstacles that all creatives must face — and overcome — on their path. We’ll also discuss Seth’s forthcoming book, The Practice. We’ll make time for Q&A at the end, but feel free to submit questions in advance when you register.

We’ll be drinking Turmeric Spice. You can order a bag for yourself to sip along from the comfort of your own home.

I love all our tea times, but I’m very excited about this one. I hope to see you there!

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How to Cure Burnout with L-Theanine

Remote work has so many perks. No wasted time commuting. Eating healthy home cooked meals. More time with family. More time to workout. More work time in the day: to be Productive. 

And yet it doesn’t stop. Working from home means work happens any time, anywhere. In the bedroom before bed, a last glimpse at email. At the kitchen table during breakfast. On the toilet with your phone. Saturday morning? Why not get a little more done. Sunday evening? You don’t want Monday to surprise you. Day and night, weekday, weekend, it never stops. Especially with remote international teams. Communicating never ends. Your desk is your dining table and your bedroom is your office and the office is a playroom. It’s all a blur. 

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3 Steps to Transform Stress

3 Steps to Transform Stress

The way of the heart is the way of courage.
It is to live in insecurity,
to live in love and trust,
to move into the unknown.

— Osho

Stress, the Monday morning killer. You might have heard about those crazy people who claim to thrive on stress, but for most of us, stress is a royal pain in the ass. It can be all-consuming, debilitating to the mind and body. Typically we do whatever we can to avoid it. Have another drink. Watch another movie. Doomscroll the hours away in bed. Have sex. Or a fourth cup of coffee. Short-term jolts of pleasure and long term agitating, nagging pain. 

For most of us, stress is uncomfortable and so we keep finding ways to distract ourselves to numb the unpleasant sensations.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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This is NOT goodbye…

It’s with misty eyes and a heavy heart that I am announcing a major transition for Samovar.

This Sunday at 5PM, we will cease all cafe and restaurant operations. We have decided to enter a “hibernation” period until the current health crisis situation turns around.

Please visit while you can and let us serve you while our doors are still open. Now through Sunday, you can order for delivery and pickup in San Francisco. As a special thank you, we are offering 50% off all retail products for purchases in San Francisco (discount is not available for the online tea shop). 

But this is NOT goodbye.

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Your Guide to the Ancient Wellness Practice of Mindful Tea Time

Green Tea Matcha in a Shot Glass

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves — slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.” —THICH NHAT HANH, The Miracle of Mindfulness

Everyone I know is experiencing a mounting level of concern around covid-19. We do our best to stay focused on things we can control, but uncertainty greets us with every new news cycle and normal levels of stress and anxiety are multiplied.

While our personal challenges may be reaching new heights, every generation faces challenges—often far greater than the novel coronavirus crisis. In times like this, it can help to look to the wisdom traditions for guidance. Continue reading Your Guide to the Ancient Wellness Practice of Mindful Tea Time

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Reality As It Is: What A US Admiral and Burmese Meditation Master Taught Me About Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic

Let’s cut to the case. I am scared about covid-19: the danger to individuals, the danger to society, the uncertainty about what comes next. While this might be the most challenging experience I’ve faced, it’s not my first existential crisis. Running a restaurant and cafe business for nearly twenty years has had its ups and downs and I’ve sought out wisdom and guidance wherever I could find it. Two teachers from very different walks of life come to mind now. Continue reading Reality As It Is: What A US Admiral and Burmese Meditation Master Taught Me About Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Samovar is Open in the Age of COVID-19

Dear reader,

I hope this blog post finds you well.

These are truly extraordinary times. Throughout the day, I find myself doing a double take to see if I’m dreaming because I cannot believe my eyes or ears. Overnight, everything has flipped upside down. It’s been difficult for me, for my family, for our staff, for our customers, and—I suppose—for the whole planet.

At Samovar, we’ve felt a shock that continues to reverberate. But, after 18 years of serving up tea and food to the wonderful, inspiring, beautiful people of San Francisco—and shipping to fans across the globe—we’re taking our role as a mandated “essential business” to heart.

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Health & Wellness for the Samovar Family

Since 2002, we have operated Samovar with a single goal: bringing people together over tea.

Just as many of you have been adjusting your routines in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), so has our team here at Samovar. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve reviewed and enhanced our practices to continue serving delicious food and tea while keeping the health of our customers and staff as a top priority—all in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines. Continue reading Health & Wellness for the Samovar Family

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Tea time, nitro-style

Tea time, nitro-style

Cool, creamy, full bodied, refreshing, sugar and calorie free, and with zero to high caffeine. That’s right, it’s Nitro-Tea-Time, and we are excited to be launching our newest menu additions…Pineapple Coconut Baozhong Oolong, Cardamom-Rose Wild Crafted Black, Golden Turmeric Ginger, Pan-fired Bancha Green and more. Swing by Fillmore Street or Yerba Buena Gardens for a taste of Spring by way of our new Nitro Teas.

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How to make a cocktail with Jasmine tea

Inspired by our delicious Rosy Persian tea-cocktail, we wanted to share this simple Green tea cocktail recipe with you. As with California Persian or Earl Grey you can also infuse vodka with Jasmine Green for a floral burst. This cold-brew infusion of vodka and Jasmine Green makes an amazing vodka tonic drink with notes of sweet jasmine flowers.

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Mindfulness Tea

Now Serving Up Mindfulness in a Cup

By now you’re probably familiar with the many benefits of mindfulness and meditation—better sleep, feeling happier, less stress, less anxiety, less pain, to name a few—but if you’re like me, and many of our guests, you’ve might have struggled to get started. Or, you might have dabbled but struggled to develop a practice that sticks.

The tradition of drinking tea and the practice of meditation have been intertwined for thousands of years with ritual tea service helping practitioners stay focused for hours on end. When I opened Samovar in 2002, I was inspired to create a new kind of tea house—an urban sanctuary where everyday folks could retreat from the daily stresses of modern life, find nourishment with tea and a delicious meal and emerge recharged and re-centered. Continue reading Mindfulness Tea

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Tea Leaves and Aprons: it’s all in the detail

A server prepares a cup of chai

Tea Leaves

The size of every tea leaf matters. Leaves that are consistent in size, shape, and color mean that the cup of tea will be complex and consistent. The leaves will steep evenly, delivering a brew that has a unique aroma, body, taste and aftertaste. And it’s much more work to grow and select and process leaves that entirely the same throughout. It takes a lot more work to choose only those leaves that are the same. It requires more attention to each leaf. And the results are noticeable. It’s why our tea is so good, so full of complexity and nuance and awesomeness. Look at our leaves and you’ll notice that the English Breakfast Black tea is uniform throughout, and entirely different than our Green Ecstasy. Our farmers pay attention to every leaf they pick, ensuring this consistency stays true. Continue reading Tea Leaves and Aprons: it’s all in the detail

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Why We Serve

Pouring Masala Chai at 1910 Fillmore St

Every morning at Samovar the day begins with water. We boil water in our three-gallon, hand hammered copper pots and begin the first pot of the day of our masala chai. At 6 AM every single day, 363 days a year (we skip Christmas and Thanksgiving), the aroma of freshly blended cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and star anise fill the air with a humid, sweet, earthy smell. The delicious, humid steam wafts up and out the window, down the streets, filling the cool foggy San Francisco air with deliciousness throughout the neighborhood. Pastries and fresh bread arrive soon after from our local baker. We begin a big pot of steamed brown rice to see us through the day. The aroma of bursting grains blends with the chai and the air inside our locations is simply scrumptious. At 6:50 AM we put out the A-frame on the sidewalk, unlock the doors, and turn on the music.
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Overcoming the Distracted Mind

Every day we are bombarded by distractions. It can feel like our attention is being pulled in a million different directions at once. How can we enjoy the benefits of modern technology while maintaining focus, productivity and well-being? Luckily, we’ve got neuroscientists on our side to help us understand how our brains work and identify tools and techniques to help us stay focused, people like my good friend Adam Gazzaley and his colleague Larry Rosen.

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5 Steps To Tapping Your Creativity

The pace of life isn’t slowing down. Partly, we’re dealing with the inevitable physics of getting older—with age every new moment is a smaller percent of our entire life so it truly feels like less time. Days pass like minutes, months slip by like days… That said, with age we also accumulate experience, and with the right attention we can transform our experience into wisdom.

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Tea Magick—A Party on the Intuitive Side

Come to Samovar to drink tea while you mix and mingle with kindred spirits drawn together to celebrate a shared passion for living the intuitive side of life.

Whether your soul searching brings you to Burning Man or keeps you close to home this August, join our three modern-day mystics at Samovar’s hidden gem in Hayes Valley for this fun and enlightening nighttime soiree, this Thursday, August 14th from 7pm-9pm. Continue reading Tea Magick—A Party on the Intuitive Side

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“Fancy Contraptions, Minimalist Storefront—It’s Not the Apple Store, It’s Third Wave Tea”

San Francisco Magazine captured the spirit of our Mission location in a recent article.

“Fast, cheap, delicious, beautiful, potent.”

That’s how Jesse Jacobs sums up the attributes of a proper cup of tea. More specifically, it’s the cups of tea he began selling at his third location of Samovar in early June. Unlike its older siblings, which Jacobs created in the vein of more traditional tea houses, the sleek Valencia St. storefront was designed, like the tea it peddles, as a minimalist antidote to the “cognitive overload” of modern life, Jacobs says. “It’s absolutely essential to bring the focus on tea, and how to maintain a sense of emptiness.”

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Rosie Palmer Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

It’s 1960 at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, Colorado. A man steps up to the bar and orders an iced tea with lemonade. Nearby, a woman recognizes him as he walks away and says to the bartender, “I’ll have that Palmer drink,” inadvertently launching the iced tea phenomenon known as The Arnold Palmer.

At our Tea Bar in the Mission, we’re introducing our take on this classic iced tea, named in homage to the golf great, that we’re calling The Rosie Palmer.

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Success Ritual #3, Being Grateful For Thorns

You might not spend time consciously visualizing your future, but I bet you have a pretty clear idea of where you’re going; if you’re like most Samovarians, you’ve got ambitious goals to complete before 2018 is done. So let me ask, on a scale of 1 to 10 how close are you to living your ideal life?

Grab a piece of paper and write down your number. Be honest — you don’t have to share the number and you aren’t being graded.

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There’s Only One First Time: A Samovar Oolong Tradition

Oolong tea can be dangerous. Lilies explode in full bloom… Autumn leaves fall in the woods… Tree-ripened peach juice drips down your chin… The aromas and flavors weave together in beguiling combination. An experience with oolong lingers in your memory like a lover’s kiss.

In the hands of artisans-of-the-leaf, oolong will spoil you thoroughly. Thousand year-old tea cultivars grown in the cliffs of Southern China and Taiwan develop character that can only come from facing challenges and overcoming.

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Success Ritual #3, How To Identify Your Core Values


When I’m traveling and I tell people what I do, they often roll their eyes and say, “A tea lounge? Only in San Francisco!”

Now we have three Tea Lounges plus an online shop, but the truth is, Samovar almost never happened — even in San Francisco.

Of the banks that made time to meet, more than seventy rejected the business plan. Even number seventy-two, the bank that finally gave us a break, thought we would fail. “Honestly,” the loan officer said. “All the data says your concept will fail. But this is a place that I want to exist because I want to go there! With that, I’m going to approve it.” (Thank you for believing, Mr. Decius!)

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Success Ritual #2, From Shoe-Shine to Samovar, The Power of Visualization


Things do not change; we change.

— Henry David Thoreau

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

— Winston Churchhill

Knock, knock, knock. “One minute!” A woman’s voice replies from inside the single-story suburban home. The door opens. “Hello?”

“Hello, ma’am,” I say. “Have you ever considered what would happen to your beautiful home in the event of a fire? I’m sure you have insurance, but that wouldn’t begin to cover the true cost of your lost heirlooms — to say nothing of the danger! I’m here to share with you one of the absolute BEST fire extinguishers ever made. Do you mind if I come in?…”

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Success Ritual #1, The Wake Up Shower


The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

–Thomas Edison

Did you ever see the customers in health-food stores? They are pale, skinny people who look half-dead. In a steakhouse, you see robust, ruddy people. They’re dying, of course, but they look terrific.

–Bill Cosby

Not long ago, my friend Dr. Sara Gottfried stopped by Samovar Tea Lounge. She’d been busy writing, traveling, promoting her new book, The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol. It’s a great book.

I’m not the only one who likes it. Her book is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller — no small feat!

As we talked, our conversation naturally turned to tips and tricks for keeping life in balance.

I was curious about how hormones affect men. What hormones should I be concerned about? What could I improve?

We had a fun conversation, but simply didn’t have enough time. Afterwards, I made two commitments:

1. I would learn more about the power of hormones and use my daily rituals to achieve the right balance,

2. I’d get Sara back to Samovar for a followup chat soon! (Want to join us? Read on for details.)

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Tea Traditions: Afternoon Tea

At Samovar Tea Lounge, our tea and food menu draws from tea cultures around the world, from Morocco, to Japan, to China, to India. One of our most popular dishes is the English Tea Service, inspired by the traditional “afternoon tea.”

The 19th-century Duchess of Bedford is credited with inventing afternoon tea. At the time, folks in London ate two main meals: breakfast, and dinner. Dinner was served around 8-9 pm, and like many others, the Duchess found that she became hungry around 3 pm. She started enjoying a pot of tea and small finger sandwiches or cakes in the afternoon to take the edge off her hunger.

Soon friends began joining her for tea, and the ritual exploded across the country, with people gathering in the afternoon to socialize over tea. (Afternoon tea is different than “high tea,” which is a heavier meal served later in the day.)

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4 Steps to Facing Your Fears

Fear is sticky, like glue. The initial emotion of fear may only last a few minutes, but if we let it linger, it can get stuck in our system for days, months, or even a lifetime.

The sensation of fear is effective if it protects us from real threats. The fight-or-flight reaction has helped humans escape life-threatening dangers over the millennia. But in this era of thinking, creating, and problem solving, our fears are usually unfounded. And when fear sticks in our system, it becomes a toxic influence on our choices, emotions, and actions.

Here are a few tips for getting fear out of your system:

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