Mainichi Matcha
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Mainichi Matcha

$98.00 or $98.00 $78.40 / month

One month supply of organic ceremonial matcha for every day enjoyment.

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Every great kitchen needs a simple tea tray. Secure your steeping teapot and favorite mug, and catch loose drips with this perfect tea tray. 

Tea Kit #4: Matcha Starter Set

Get into matcha with this starter set: two varieties of 100% organic shade grown, stone milled matcha, sifter, bamboo whisk, traditional bowl.

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All our matchas are shade-grown, carefully hand-picked, deveined by hand and stone-milled, resulting in an ultra creamy, deep, sweet brew. With matcha you’re literally “eating” the tea as the fine particles float in your brew, providing health benefits as well as energizing caffeine. Mainichi (“everyday”) matcha is an everyday, approachable premium matcha, delicious hot or cold.

INGREDIENTSOrganic Stone-milled, shade grown, Japanese green tea powder




Sift 1 TSP into matcha bowl. Add 6 oz hot water. Whisk until small tight bubbles are formed.

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