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Tea Kit #2: You, Me and A Cup of Tea
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Tea Kit #2: You, Me and A Cup of Tea



Everything you need to elevate your daily tea ritual. Delicious, calm, 100% organic energy in every infusion.

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Complete Your Set

Wooden Tea Tray

Every great kitchen needs a simple tea tray. Secure your steeping teapot and favorite mug, and catch loose drips with this perfect tea tray. 

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Wabi Sabi Teacup

There is such a thing as the perfect teacup. Hand made. Durable. One of a kind.

Vivid Brewpot Replacement Pitcher (No Lid)

Tempered glass teapot. Rugged enough for our tea houses, refined enough for your tea ritual.

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A beautiful box of curated tea and the only tea-ware you’ll ever need. Small batch blends with 100% organic whole leaf tea and REAL botanicals and herbs. Treat yourself or anyone you care about, to aromatic, mouth-watering world class tea.

  • Perfect gift for tea enthusiasts AND coffee lovers. Whether you’re a tea newbie or a master, you’re in for a delicious, nutritious, energizing treat
  • All inclusive tea bundle makes getting into tea easy and fun
  • Full bodied, nourishing, delicious straight or with milk and honey
  • Made with clean, 100% organic ingredients. No sugar, nothing artificial, only whole leaf teas and herbs
  • Perfect for drinking all day long

Gift Box Includes

Five 100% Organic Whole Leaf Teas

  • California Persian (Black Tea): Blended with cardamom, rose blossoms, jasmine, orange zest
  • Jasmine (Green Tea): Chinese pan fired tea with jasmine flowers
  • Four Seasons (Oolong Tea): Taiwanese medium roasted oolong with notes of gardenia flowers, ripe papaya
  • Velvet Cacao (Pu-erh Tea): Chinese pile fermented tea with cacao, coconut, vanilla bean
  • Hibiscus Bliss (Herbal Infusion): Decaf herbal with hibiscus, lemongrass, rose hips, rooibos

Essential Tea Accessories

  • Vivid Brew Teapot: Tempered glass. Dishwasher safe. Micro-fine filter
  • Teas: 100% organic, whole leaf, hand blended, small batch, seasonal favorites 
  • Tea Scoop: Stainless steel tea scoop for perfect dosing will last forever. 1 Tbsp
  • Print Guide: Tea Essentials Guide. Includes brewing guide and tea meditation

Impeccable Unboxing

  • High Touch: Satiny touch, durable, substantial
  • Premium Print: Gold and silver foil embossing, elegant and tasteful
  • Attention to Detail: Every item packed with care for a rich unboxing experience
  • Dimensions: Measures 13″ x 7″ x 5″
  • Eco-friendly: 100% recyclable

Additional information

Weight 41 oz
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 8 in


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