Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea


Notes of umami, ocean, morning-dew-drenched grass


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One of the most exclusive and expensive teas on the market. Difficult and time-consuming to make, this tea yields one of the highest umami flavors available and provides very high levels of L-theanine.
PROCESSING NOTESAka “Jade Dew,” gyokuro is covered with “tana” (black nets and bamboo frames) to shade the tea, concentrate the chlorophyll, increase L-theanine and caffeine, and yield pure umami.

INGREDIENTSShade-grown Japanese green tea


ORIGINUji, Japan

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Add 1 TBSP tea, cover with 2 oz cold water, steep 5 min. Enjoy this first infusion as an umami blast to the tastebuds. Then Add 10 oz hot (130º) water, and steep for 30 seconds . Enjoy right away. Re-steep these leaves 2-5 more times and look for an increase in astringency and a decrease in umami flavor.

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