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Samovar is Open in the Age of COVID-19

Dear reader,

I hope this blog post finds you well.

These are truly extraordinary times. Throughout the day, I find myself doing a double take to see if I’m dreaming because I cannot believe my eyes or ears. Overnight, everything has flipped upside down. It’s been difficult for me, for my family, for our staff, for our customers, and—I suppose—for the whole planet.

At Samovar, we’ve felt a shock that continues to reverberate. But, after 18 years of serving up tea and food to the wonderful, inspiring, beautiful people of San Francisco—and shipping to fans across the globe—we’re taking our role as a mandated “essential business” to heart.

In the span of a week, our team has demonstrated courage and ingenuity in rising to the challenge. In addition to adopting the CDC COVID-19 health and food safety guidelines, we’re launching some convenient new ways for you to continue enjoying Samovar.

First, we’ve added our most popular restaurant selections to our cafe menu: Jook, Torch Blasted Banana Toast, Salmon Caesar, Mochi Platter, Scone Platters, Matcha Crepe Cake. More favorites will be added soon.

Second, on Sunday March 22, we’re launching touchless curbside pickup so that we can all do our part to practice the recommended social distancing. You can your order online anytime and schedule your pickup.

Want your meal delivered? We’ve got that too.

Third, our online shop is featuring free shipping in the US including bulk bags of RyokuchaMasala Chai, and a fresh brewed batch of Chai Concentrate.

Finally, we’re taking signups for early access to the brand new Samovar Life Meal Plan. You’ll select your preferences and dining schedule and we’ll have your meal ready: breakfast, lunch, dinner; tea, beer, wine, liquor. Capacity will be limited, so if this sounds interesting complete the early access form.

As a team, we felt that if it was possible to continue running Samovar, then we would stick with it for as long as possible. If you’ve loved us in the past, then I simply ask that you give us a try now. We are here for you, and we are ready to serve. Please take a look at our offerings and lend a hand by spreading the word!

Be well, be nourished, be mindful.

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Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this blog post, regretfully, referred to the coronavirus as a “pesky little virus”. This comment was not meant to trivialize the gravity of the situation. The coronavirus may be small at an individual scale, but the impact upon individuals and society is massive and we all need to take it seriously. We would like to formally apologize for the poor word choice.

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