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How to Cure Burnout with L-Theanine

Remote work has so many perks. No wasted time commuting. Eating healthy home cooked meals. More time with family. More time to workout. More work time in the day: to be Productive. 

And yet it doesn’t stop. Working from home means work happens any time, anywhere. In the bedroom before bed, a last glimpse at email. At the kitchen table during breakfast. On the toilet with your phone. Saturday morning? Why not get a little more done. Sunday evening? You don’t want Monday to surprise you. Day and night, weekday, weekend, it never stops. Especially with remote international teams. Communicating never ends. Your desk is your dining table and your bedroom is your office and the office is a playroom. It’s all a blur. 

And if you’re like most of us, work involves staring at a screen all day long. Small devices, tablets, computers and then the tv to relax. All day long we consume information, and given the chance, we squeak in work here and there, spread evenly throughout the day and week. 

The Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, lunch break at 1, typical work schedule has evaporated. And this means work never ends. 

Work never ends.

How does that feel?

There is no escape. The usual routine offered by work, commuting, meeting at a cafe during lunch, going to the gym, walking and meeting, getting a drink after work are gone. With these social activities gone, and with so much time at home, and the typical events of our day removed, we are floating, a bit empty, filling all voids with work. And it’s trying. On our physical bodies. Our moods. Our digestion. Our joy.

According to Matt Mullenweg’s Five Levels of Autonomy level five is where it’s at –  Nirvana! “…when you consistently perform better than any in-person organization could. You’re effortlessly effective. It’s when everyone in the company has time for wellness and mental health, when people bring their best selves and highest levels of creativity to do the best work of their careers, and just have fun…” And, I believe it’s totally achievable once we figure out how to work better.

Folks I’ve spoken with are beginning to experience the pinch of burnout. As in, their fire burning out. Is this you? See what the questions below make you feel:

  • Do you need coffee caffeine to keep energized throughout the day?
  • Are you more impatient and short tempered?
  • Do you feel more stress? 
  • Do you find that only daily alcohol or cannabis soothes your nerves at night?
  • Are you experiencing physical pain in the fingers, shoulders, neck, and back?
  • Are your hips stiff?
  • Do you find yourself short of breath throughout the day?
  • Do you find it difficult to abstain from a device for more than a day?
  • Do you feel frazzled?

In this new epoch, we need the structure and tools to manage our time, and the discipline to stop when it’s time. It is simple but not easy, to establish daily routines that allow work for work time, and space for personal time. This daily structure that you can implement starts with tea.

Reduce burnout and stress by partaking in this ancient ritual,“tea time.” Enjoyed by millions of people over thousands of years by making and drinking tea every day at 3pm. It will hydrate you. It will Energize you with so much more than caffeine. It will create space in your day. It will relax you. It will nourish you and make you more human.

How? Start with a great organic green tea, like this newly arrived Japanese Sencha. This special first flush green tea is a limited production classic at Samovar. Just add a bit of hot filtered water, steep it for three minutes, and…creamy, lightly vegetal, and spring-like. This is a first flush sencha with medium caffeine and loads of L-Theanine. L-theanine is a naturally occurring psychoactive ingredient in organic Japanese green tea that’s known for boosting mood and cognitive performance, and reducing mental and physical stress. 

How to prevent burnout? Establish a daily tea ritual, by drinking good organic green tea.

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