Tea with Winnie at Teance

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Winnie Wu, owner of the Bay Area famed Teance, tastes Phoenix Oolong and talks about the evolution of tea in America and China and the cultural benefits to all.
– Tasting Phoenix Oolong, artisan, hand made Chinese tea
– The Teance tea bar: tasting tea at the tasting table
– Changing tea cultures in Asia: from artisan tea to tea bags
– Future of tea in America
– Physiological benefits of tea
– Why we are embracing tea culture today

Teas in this video…Oolong, Samovar’s Pheonix Oolong

Tea with Norwood Part I: Brewing Enlightenment

Part I of Jesse’s Visit with Bay Area tea luminary and author of the famed “Tea Lover’s Treasury,” James Norwood Pratt. Norwood Pratt takes time to brew Lu Shan Chinese green tea and chat about tea’s history. – Brewing tea at Norwood Pratt’s house – Lu Shan, “Cloud and Mist” tea and what makes it…

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