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The Ancient Tea-Horse Road

Simon reports on one of the oldest trade routes in the world: China’s Ancient Tea-Horse Road. Tea has been brought into the Himalayas for over a millennium via this rugged foot path.

David Lee Hoffman Harrowing Tales of Tea: Part III

David Lee Hoffman, American tea pioneer, chats about the old days of tea buying, giving artisan family farmers a fair deal, and some crazy adventures in the backwoods of China. – Falling off a tea mountain and how to taste Snake Wine Teas in this video… Puerh and Ancient Tea.

Tea with Winnie at Teance

Winnie Wu, owner of the Bay Area famed Teance, tastes Phoenix Oolong and talks about the evolution of tea in America and China and the cultural benefits to all. – Tasting Phoenix Oolong, artisan, hand made Chinese tea – The Teance tea bar: tasting tea at the tasting table – Changing tea cultures in Asia: […]

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