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Live Tea Time with Creator of the Monk Manual

Live Tea Time with Steve Lawson
Monthly Monk Manual PagesJoin Samovar Tea founder and Monk Manual creator on October 29 at 12pm PT for an interactive tea time and discussion about productivity in times of stress

The Monk Manual is the one to-do manager you’ll love to use. Because it’s so much more.

On October 29 at 12pm PST Samovar Tea founder, Jesse Jacobs, will be joined by Monk Manual creator, Steve Lawson, for tea and discussion — and you’re invited. This talk is exactly what we all need – an intimate and personal talk about tools that help us deal with the challenges of the day and the philosophies that guide us towards an inspired life.

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Why I Love the Monk Manual

The Beautiful Monk Manual
My morning ritual starts with waking up before the sun, brewing some Masala Chai, and opening my journal to a blank sheet. The pen flows and my book becomes a sacred placeholder for thoughts, feelings, and to dos. Starting the day by clearing my mind has always left me more refreshed and more serene. It’s a habit I stick to without interruption. No matter what’s transpired in the world or in life, thinking, feeling, and writing with pen and paper just…works. Morning journaling is a sacred, creative, cleansing act. And if you’ve never started, now is the time.

Four  months ago this morning ritual got a rude but transformational interruption. My wife came downstairs at 5am and killed the flow by dropping a copy of the “Monk Manual” down on the kitchen table in front of me. It knocked my pen to the side and wrinkled the paper in my journal. “What the heck?!….” Continue reading Why I Love the Monk Manual

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3 Steps to Transform Stress

3 Steps to Transform Stress

The way of the heart is the way of courage.
It is to live in insecurity,
to live in love and trust,
to move into the unknown.

— Osho

Stress, the Monday morning killer. You might have heard about those crazy people who claim to thrive on stress, but for most of us, stress is a royal pain in the ass. It can be all-consuming, debilitating to the mind and body. Typically we do whatever we can to avoid it. Have another drink. Watch another movie. Doomscroll the hours away in bed. Have sex. Or a fourth cup of coffee. Short-term jolts of pleasure and long term agitating, nagging pain. 

For most of us, stress is uncomfortable and so we keep finding ways to distract ourselves to numb the unpleasant sensations.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Reality As It Is: What A US Admiral and Burmese Meditation Master Taught Me About Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic

Let’s cut to the case. I am scared about covid-19: the danger to individuals, the danger to society, the uncertainty about what comes next. While this might be the most challenging experience I’ve faced, it’s not my first existential crisis. Running a restaurant and cafe business for nearly twenty years has had its ups and downs and I’ve sought out wisdom and guidance wherever I could find it. Two teachers from very different walks of life come to mind now. Continue reading Reality As It Is: What A US Admiral and Burmese Meditation Master Taught Me About Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Samovar is Open in the Age of COVID-19

Dear reader,

I hope this blog post finds you well.

These are truly extraordinary times. Throughout the day, I find myself doing a double take to see if I’m dreaming because I cannot believe my eyes or ears. Overnight, everything has flipped upside down. It’s been difficult for me, for my family, for our staff, for our customers, and—I suppose—for the whole planet.

At Samovar, we’ve felt a shock that continues to reverberate. But, after 18 years of serving up tea and food to the wonderful, inspiring, beautiful people of San Francisco—and shipping to fans across the globe—we’re taking our role as a mandated “essential business” to heart.

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