Pumpkin Chai


Notes of caramelized pumpkin, butterscotch, spices


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For this seasonal favorite, we take our signature masala chai blend and add not only pumpkin pieces and sweet maple crystals, but also hearty roasted dandelion root and star anise to create a brew that is both familiar and exotic.

INGREDIENTSOrganic black tea, organic cinnamon, pumpkin pieces, organic ginger root, organic maple crystals, organic roasted dandelion root, organic black pepper, organic star anise, natural pumpkin, whipped cream and caramel flavors


ORIGINHand-blended in the U.S.


Dissolve 3 Tbsp. sweetener in 2 cups boiling water, add 3 Tbsp chai. Boil uncovered 10 mins. Add 2 cups milk, bring to a boil, strain.

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