Paul F.

Ambassadors Paul F

Ambassadors Paul F

While surfing the Pacific, practicing a bit of yoga on Sundays…interspersed with some computer programming here and there–Paul is constantly fueled by Samovar’s Masala Chai.

“I guess I am a chai guy. I love it here at the lounge, cooked up thick and creamy and sweet and spicy. Full flavor, and a good caffeine boost when I am working a lot, or working a little. I also love cooking it up at home, and adding some of my personal favorites: extra Assam tea, soy milk, honey, and fresh herbs.”

“When I am in the mood for something more traditional, I often go for the Monkey Picked Iron Goddess of Mercy . Strong, but very complex, and good for many, many infusions.”

Paul T.

After eight years on the hardpan of the Sonoran desert, Paul moved to the concrete and metal canyons of San Francisco to pursue the urban tea lifestyle as well as his artistic dreams as a writer. “The Israelites did 40 years in the desert but I only ended up having to do eight,” he jokes…

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