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10 Ways to Blissful Emptiness

Only in emptiness can we be truly creative and imaginative.

Like an empty teacup or a blank sheet of paper, emptiness is unlimited potential. In emptiness, literally anything can happen.An idea, a scribble, a masterpiece, a to-do list, a mind map. It’s when clutter and noise and distraction fill us up that there is little room left for greatness. So if emptiness is so great, how come we don’t all achieve more of it?¬†Because emptiness is really scary.

Ask any writer staring at a blank screen “how do you feel?” Writer’s block is total sweaty-palmed panic. An interesting analogy can be made between emptiness and the color white. White is not color. It is the absence of all color, ie “empty.”

The Japanese character for white is this:

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Tea with Dean Karnazes: Moorish Mint, Wuyi Oolong

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Dean runs a marathon every single day. Seriously. Then he comes home, makes breakfast for his kids, and then gets down to writing. He writes books about endurance, with the goal of inspiring others to do like him: live an actualized life. That is, live a life that you’re meant to live. We enjoy a pot of Moorish Mint (caffeine free, because Dean doesn’t need caffeine) and I am blown away at his passion and abilities. A marathon every single day?!

Note: the video is edited down to 10 minutes, but you can listen to the full 45 minute audio interview on iTunes.

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June 4, 2011

Sencha + Citrus. Kelpy and green notes of sencha blended with yuzu to impart sweet and spicy, dry, fruity, clean and juicy acid.

One can resist the invasion of an army, but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.

– Victor Hugo

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Gratitude for Dad

Dad: the masculine force that brought you into this world. 

Take a moment right now to contemplate one positive childhood experience with your father. Was it building & launching model rockets? Going to the movies on a Saturday afternoon–and sneaking into a double feature? Flying a kite at the beach? His supportive shouts from the sidelines of a soccer game? A bed-time story? Helping you move into college on Day One? Is the memory a classic activity like fishing or football? Or is it cooking or shadowing him at work for a day?

We all have–or had–a father. Right now, for just one minute, think about a positive experience you had with him. Where was it? How old were you? Be specific. What did you hear, smell, feel? How did you see him then?

Now pick up the phone and call him. Share your memory, and share the gratitude you feel. If he’s no longer around, take one more minute and just give him some positive thoughts.

A Little Something More

Share some tea! In honor of Father’s Day, we’re offering 15% off your purchase for dad through 6/19/11 with coupon code “LuvDad” (all orders $30 or more).

Here are a few products we think your dad will love.

Samovar Tea Phone

Samovar Tea Phone

Today we’re announcing a new way to connect (with your dad or your friends). The Tea Phone pays homage to the old ways of communicating with a real handset. It’s super functional and simple and creates a totally different experience when talking on it.
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June 2, 2011

The leaves of BaoZhong are bruised by being tossed in a bamboo basket or rolled with a large tarp. This process allows for the leaves to oxidize for a short period of time before being twisted and dried.

Always do what you are afraid to do.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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June 1, 2011

Insects bite the ends of the Bai Hao leaf, allowing oxidation to occur before the leaves are plucked. This process accounts for Bai Hao's unique range of color and taste.


I don’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. ¬†I’m frightened of the old ones.

– John Cage