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“Tea Buzz”, a Poem By Gwen Weiss

Here’s a beautiful poem written by Gwen Weiss, a customer at the Tea Lounges. She said, “I was delivering tempeh to the Castro location today and decided to stop in my deliveries and have a cup of tea and get a snack…such a great decision.  I ended up drinking Maiden’s Ecstasy [pu-erh] and a poem came through that I left for James and the other very sweet servers.”


Tea Buzz

Babbling brook,
below sweet sensations of the tea room
melting into bliss consciousness
where the pu-erh enters my blood stream.
Peaceful prayers rise from steam.
Serenity slips into cracks to form
soft rounded corners.
Scarves drape over every dancing thought.
Now shrouded in green transparent paisley,
I become the cup,
becomes the chair,
becomes the everything.
Tea has me, once again.
I jump, arms outstretched,
diving into the pure sense of one.
I am.



Visit Gwen Weiss’s website and learn more about her book of poetry, Hummingbird’s Breath

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