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Introduction to Tea Ware Video: Tea Ware 101

Tea Ware 101: Getting into tea means being introduced to a whole new world of vessels and tools to brew tea with. In this video, Jesse Jacobs walks you through several tea making implements, so that you may become a confident and educated tea ware buyer.

Tea’s Carbon Footprint

We know that tea is healthy for our bodies and spirit, but how healthy is tea for the greater world around us? Jennifer explores another reason to switch to loose-leaf tea.

Tea & Wine

Just like wine, tea has a wealth of complex flavors. Lindsey and Jesse chat about similarities between tea and wine and pairing tea with food.

Water for Tea (Part III)

Jennifer concludes her series on water for tea and gets into all the ways tea masters know when the water is ready to make a great cup of tea… for every type of tea.

Learn About Oolong Tea

Like wine, fine Oolong Teas vary in flavor and style, depending on the climate and processing of its geographical origin. Oolong teas range in level of oxidation, which results in a range of infusion colors and a complexity of flavor profiles.

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