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Simple Brewing Tips For You

As whole leaf begins to replace the standard tea bag, one major question arises: How do I brew this tea?  There are hundreds of methods out there, some ancient, some new-age.  Here at Samovar, we don’t believe there is ONE correct style.  In fact, we encourage creativity and innovation of brewing methods.  It’s all good as long as good tea is being served.

Here are a few suggestions that we consider in our quest for brewing that perfect cup.   

Brewing Tea Is Personal

Always start with the best tasting water you can find: filtered, spring, or even “mountain stream fresh.”

  • Use 1-2 tablespoons of tea per 8oz cup.
  • Steep the first infusion for 15-30 seconds.
  • Resteep for 5-20 additional infusions,  increasing the brew time to taste.

Expert Notes

  • Pu-erh & Oolong: Awaken the leaves. Rinse leaves with boiling water prior to first infusion.
  • Experiment with water temperature. Start with a rolling boiling and then try different temperatures to get the flavor you like best.
  • Brew with a Gai-wan for maximum effect.
  • Visit for more technical info


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