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Linchpin Meetup

If it’s never been done before, even better. Every interaction is an opportunity to make a connection. It doesn’t matter if I’m always right, it matters that I’m always moving.

These are just a few of the Linchpin ideals spelled out by marketing guru, Seth Godin. On Wednesday night, a Meetup group came together at our Yerba Buena location to discuss his best-selling book, Linchpin. Meetup members ranged from Y-Combinator graduates and Google employees to graphic designers and professional dancers. Yet no matter their backgrounds, all had been captivated by Seth Godin’s message of creating change with positive, contagious energy.

The energy was definitely high as we went around the circle to introduce ourselves and explain our projects. Each person seemed to have that one project that they were ecstatic about. One woman had just started a video blog. Another was starting a non-profit. And someone else was working on a children’s book compatible for a tablet. These people were crushing it, turning their passions into realities.

As a lounge restaurant, we can only provide the atmosphere, the tea, and the food. The creativity and ingenuity sparked within our walls comes directly from the amazing people that walk through our doors.  Samovar patrons are truly great representations of the Linchpin model: motivated, mindful, and making things happen. We are proud to serve all you Linchpins out there and hope our space will continue to be filled by such positive and passionate minds.

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