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Why Handcrafted Matters

As I sip some Golden Phoenix Oolong this morning, I’m musing over a quality, hand-finished keychain curated by my friends at Huckberry. There’s a real boom going on these days in handcrafted goods. I’m not just talking about funky, craftsy things you find on Etsy. I’m talking about incredibly beautiful, well-made, durable, traditionally crafted goods.

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Fireside Chat with Darya Pino Rose, author of Foodist

Fireside Chat and Book Signing with Darya Pino Rose

Tuesday, August 20
8-10 p.m. at Samovar Tea Lounge Yerba Buena Gardens location
Click here to RSVP (maximum 50 guests)

Join me and Darya Pino Rose, author of Foodist, for a fireside chat at Samovar Tea Lounge next Tuesday. Bring your questions and your copy of Foodist for Darya to sign; copies of Foodist will also be available to purchase at the event.

As a kid I grew up in a macrobiotic household, long before macrobiotic or other healthy eating habits were cool. But things are changing, and I’m grateful to see that healthy eating is a lot more mainstream now.

Darya is a true champion of this movement through her popular site Summer Tomato. In her new book she blends a mixture of practical advice, science, and inspiration to shape a lifestyle around healthy eating. Join us for a discussion about food, tea, zen, and life:

Click here to RSVP for a Fireside Chat with Darya and Jesse


What experts are saying about Foodist:

“The most sensible advice I’ve read about attaining and maintaining healthy weight without dieting. Darya tells you how to enjoy real food, make the best food choices, and not deny yourself the pleasures of eating. I recommend this book.”

Dr. Andrew Weil
Best-Selling author, speaker, and integrative medicine thought-leader


“Darya is my favorite kind of scientistshe finds the simple in the complex, the beauty in the chaos. If anyone will make you love (and rediscover) food, it’s her.”

Tim Ferriss
New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Chef


“I love this book! Darya shows us that a happier, healthier life starts with simple changes in what we eat and how we think about food—so simple anyone can do it.”

Jamie Oliver
British chef, restaurateur, media personality, and author


See you there!


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How to Exercise the Samovar Way

Let’s face it: we’re physical beings in physical bodies. When we exercise we feel good, and have more energy and enthusiasm for life. Our minds can focus better, and our bodies fight off sickness more effectively.

Yet most of our modern day working lives are spent in a chair, behind a wheel, or in front of a computer. Exercise is uncomfortable, so therefore it’s undesirable. Our schedules are full, our days are long, and we’re overwhelmed with distraction, so we find plenty of reasons to let exercise slip off the priority list.

So what if we reframed our thinking about exercise—not as a chore, but as a practice, as important as brushing your teeth and meditating? Suddenly the challenges and excuses melt away. You might even find yourself enjoying the process.

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Tea: A Moving Meditation

One of the challenges meditation is how to deal with your mind wandering all over the place while you’re sitting there. One way to ease into the concept is to do a moving meditation.

Anything can be a moving meditation, from dance, to yoga, to labyrinth walking. Tea is my moving meditation. Just taking the time to brew a cup of tea mindfully can quiet my mental chatter and help me tune into the present moment.

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