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Bottom Line: SF Gate Notes Samovar Salon: Coping with the New Economy

SF Gate the San Francisco Chronicle announces Samovar's Salon SeriesBottom Line
Sunday, May 17, 2009

“Tea and sympathy: A San Francisco business column would not be complete without taking note of the fact that the Samovar Tea Lounge is hosting a Tea Salon Series entitled “Coping With the New Economy.”

The series, the first of which takes place Tuesday, will be blessedly free of hard-core, know-it-all CEOs and VCs. Instead, you’ll be imbibing the wisdom of Rabbi Sydney Mintz from Congregation Emanu-El, S.F. Zen Center President Robert Thomas and Will Rosenzweig, founder of The Republic of Tea. Plus others drawn from the “finest Bay Area minds in finance, spirituality, technology, entrepreneurialism, self help and the environment,” we’re told.”

Details at </samovar-tea-salon> .

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Samovar Tea Lounge online at SF Weekly writes about Samovar Tea LoungeExquisitely prepared exotic teas (there are dozens to choose from) and clever collations to accompany them are the raison d’être of this charming corner establishment. You can enjoy coconut-almond waffles in the morning, bento boxes and grilled duck sandwiches at lunch, tea sandwiches and a Russian plate featuring caviar if you’re feeling peckish in the afternoon.

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