When Noel is not serving at Samovar Tea Lounge, she can be found dancing the night away at local venues, or reading “The Tipping Point.”

Noel loves to read, explore, and learn new things , especially expanding her knowledge about the Samovar food menu.

Noel says, “There’s nothing better than a cup of Hika with some buttery toast for breakfast. Yum…” Pair that with some jazzy music, and Noel has herself a perfect afternoon.

Ambassador Noel

Ambassador Noel

Paul F.

While surfing the Pacific, practicing a bit of yoga on Sundays…interspersed with some computer programming here and there–Paul is constantly fueled by Samovar’s Masala Chai. “I guess I am a chai guy. I love it here at the lounge, cooked up thick and creamy and sweet and spicy. Full flavor, and a good caffeine boost…

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