Samovar Tea Bar
The Mission

411 Valencia Street
San Francisco, 94103
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Visit Samovar Tea Bar at 411 Valencia St in San Francisco’s Mission district to get your daily tea fix, to go.

Tea like you’ve never seen it before. If you’re in San Francisco and looking for tea and a quick bite, you’ll love our selection of organic, single origin and direct import teas, chai, iced tea, and herbal blends alongside our artisan toast & eggs and a selection of sweets.


Looking for a full meal? Stop by our restaurant tea lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens. Get teas shipped to your door when you order from the online tea shop.


“Having a Samovar on Valencia feels like a dream come true to me. I absolutely adore Samovar, but sometimes going into a sit-down restaurant just for tea seems like a bit much. This type of cafe set-up is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll be back.”

—One Happy Customer

“I was walking around the mission district and came across Samovar randomly. I had intents of coming here prior, however on the fly is always better!

As I walked in, I was welcomed by a beautiful, cooling, clean environment. Everything is neutral and it smells great. I noticed the only places to sit were along the wall and outside, which I didn’t mind because I was alone, however may not be a great place to hold meetings.

The girls in the front were helpful as I was looking for something iced and refreshing. They let me try both iced drinks, both amazing.

I ended up getting a Rose Palmer, which has the perfect amount of rose flavoring. I got my drink “for here” because I initially enjoyed their choice of jazz music, which caused me to want to stick around and added to a great experience!”

—Melissa C., Pacifica CA

“amazing. i had two different iced teas and both were so tasty and not too sweet. go here.”

—Chloe M., New York, NY