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Learn About White Tea

learnwhiteteaWhite Teas are the least processed of teas. Harvested only once a year, during a few weeks in early spring, White Teas undergo a unique withering process that results in their fuzzy leaf appearance and full, creamy mouth-feel.

White Teas are minimally oxidized and not rolled, steamed, or fired like other teas.
The tradition and techniques for making White Tea originated in Fujian Province, China. The name “White Tea” comes from the tea’s appearance (the leaves and sprouts are covered with silvery-white hairs)– a characteristic unique to the original Fujian tea varietals that were selected to make this tea.

White Teas are made from the young, tender, new-growth spring leaves, they are low in caffeine and high in the amino acid, L-theanine, which contributes to the calming effect white tea has on the system.

Please see the Samovar White Teas

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