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Watermelon Tea Cocktail Recipe

Delicious Watermelon Tea Cocktail
Delicious Watermelon Tea Cocktail

Watermelon Tea Cocktail Recipe

As summer wanes, I’m still trying to capture the flavors that make it so delicious. I recently created this watermelon-tea cocktail. My husband says it tastes just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. I think it tastes like the end of summer. Try it and let me know what you think!

*1/2 small, seedless watermelon, pureed and run through a fine mesh sieve for about 1.5 cups juice
*1.5 cups dry-yet-fruity white wine (like 2008 Pigmentum Ugni Blanc Colombard)
*1 cup Lobocha Fukamushi Sencha Japanese Green Tea, brewed and chilled
*Squeeze fresh lime juice

*Stir, chill and serve.

~Lindsey for Samovarlife

Lindsey “Vee” Goodwin is a professional tea writer and consultant. She founded Vee Tea, is a contributing editor to World Tea News, writes for non-industry publications about tea and writes web copy/press releases for tea companies. She is also a consultant to several tea companies and teaches about tea through staff training and individual/small group classes and tastings. Click here to reach her by email.

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