Video: Tea & Chocolate Pairing with Samovar and Charles Chocolates

Watch the Tea and Truffles Pairing with Samovar and Bay Area chocolatier Charles Chocolates. Jesse, founder of Samovar, and Chuck Siegal, founder of Charles Chocolates, discuss entrepreneurship, premium chocolate and teas, and what makes food and beverage companies like theirs unique.

After watching creamy ganaches being paired with honey-like, tropical Phoenix Oolong, or matcha truffles specially made for the event, it will make you reach for your teacup–and the chocolate stash!

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, see the highlights in this 10 minute edited version:


Or, you can also read the transcription of the event here!





World Tea, Las Vegas Style

By Jesse Jacobs
July 2010 Every year we attend the World Tea Expo in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, it is very ironic that small family tea farmers and tea companies from around the world gather in Vegas of all places. But, it is what it is, and ultimately it is a blast. This year the Samovar team…

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