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Cool Sweetness: How to Make Iced Tea Lattes

Love your tea latte? Learn how to make one at home that will far exceed any box-store bought one. Lindsey lays out the steps to making a tea latte that won’t kill you with sugar but will cool and delight you!

Chilled Teas – When it’s Hot, Serve it Cold

Tea  tastes great hot or cold. During the warm summer months, our chilled teas are some of the most popular drinks on the menu. Here’s a quick intro to making your own refreshing chilled teas. “The slow way”: brew your tea as you normally would, add sweetener such as  coconut palm sugar if desired and then […]

How to Make a Matcha Shake

The Soy Matcha Shake has been a longtime favorite at the Lounges. Now we’re excited to make the Samovar Sweet Matcha Shake Mix available through our online store. To make a matcha shake: Combine five ice cubes, one heaping tablespoon of Samovar Sweet Matcha Shake Mix, and eight ounces whole milk, soy milk, or almond […]

How to Taste Tea the Samovar Way

One of the great things about tea is that it taps into something very basic, human, and elemental. Good tea stimulates all of the senses. All of them. Perhaps tea is so profound because, let’s face it, everything boils down to sex.  Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Tea is in fact very sensual. It touches […]

Organic Green Ecstasy Matcha and Sencha Green Tea Blend

How to Brew Green Ecstasy

Green Ecstasy green tea is a new Samovar classic. A creamy, brothy, caffeinated-chlorophyll hit of deliciousness. Matcha-infused first flush Asamushi sencha to impart joy in every sip. To Brew this tea: 1) Use delicious (filtered or spring) water, a “side-handled” Japanese kyusu teapot, and a decanting pitcher. 2) Add 1– 2 tablespoons of tea leaves […]

How to Brew Sencha Green Tea

Suggested tea and tea ware: Nishi Green Tea Samovar Vivid Brewpot Lotus Tea Cups Bamboo Tea Tray

How to Brew with a Gaiwan

Here is how we like to use this gaiwan (start with these guidelines, and then experiment on your own): * Pre-warm the cup by adding some hot water to it, and then discarding that water * Brew the tea directly in the cup by adding 2-3 tbsp of dry leaves * Awaken the leaves. For […]

Simple Brewing Tips For You

As whole leaf begins to replace the standard tea bag, one major question arises: How do I brew this tea?  There are hundreds of methods out there, some ancient, some new-age.  Here at Samovar, we don’t believe there is ONE correct style.  In fact, we encourage creativity and innovation of brewing methods.  It’s all good […]

How to Brew Tea

The Three Pillars of The Perfect Brew: Tea, Temperature & Time. If you’ve read How Tea is Made, then the next question is perhaps, “Ok, how do I make a cup?”. This art involves the balancing of three variables: amount of tea, water temperature, and steeping time. Since flavor is subjective, only you can determine […]

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