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Why I Love the Monk Manual

The Beautiful Monk Manual
My morning ritual starts with waking up before the sun, brewing some Masala Chai, and opening my journal to a blank sheet. The pen flows and my book becomes a sacred placeholder for thoughts, feelings, and to dos. Starting the day by clearing my mind has always left me more refreshed and more serene. It’s a habit I stick to without interruption. No matter what’s transpired in the world or in life, thinking, feeling, and writing with pen and paper just…works. Morning journaling is a sacred, creative, cleansing act. And if you’ve never started, now is the time.

Four  months ago this morning ritual got a rude but transformational interruption. My wife came downstairs at 5am and killed the flow by dropping a copy of the “Monk Manual” down on the kitchen table in front of me. It knocked my pen to the side and wrinkled the paper in my journal. “What the heck?!….” Continue reading Why I Love the Monk Manual

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What I’m Reading: Tribal Leadership

I love books, and nothing beats the real thing. I love holding a book in my hands and knowing — knowing with the knowledge that can come only from bearing the physical weight of the book, from feeling the texture of rough cut edges, smelling musky sweet smell of the paper — that I’m about to take a journey into some one else’s mind.

Recently, I read Tribal Leadership, by Dave Logan, John King & Halee Fischer-Wright and I can’t recommend it highly enough. After tearing through it myself, I promptly ordered copies for all our managers.

If you’re interested, you can purchase a copy directly through our site.

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Past Favorites

If you want to explore further, here’s a selection of some past favorites.

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