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How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea

We’re Here When You’re Ready For More Tea is about slowing down and becoming more present. Tea is about paying attention to the little things because in the end, that’s all there is. Continue Your Tea Journey Engage all your senses as you learn the art and practice of tasting tea. Check out the entire […]

Erick Gets a Taste of Hawaii-Grown Tea

Erick Gets a Taste of Hawaii-Grown Tea Join Samovar Tea Lounge operations manager, Erick Xicum as he travels to Hawaii Island, Hawaii to check out the tea gardens blooming there.

Hawaii-Grown Tea Comes to Samovar and the USA

Hawaii-Grown Tea Comes to Samovar and the USA In this video: For the fist time in the continental U.S.: Hand-Picked, Artisan, Whole-leaf tea grown in America. Hawaii-Grown Oolong Tea: Semi Oxidized Tea Hawaii-Grown Black Tea: Fully-Oxidized Only 15 pounds of each tea is available through Samovar Tea Lounge. Jesse demonstrates the unique Brewing Technique for […]

Introduction to Tea Ware Video: Tea Ware 101

Tea Ware 101: Getting into tea means being introduced to a whole new world of vessels and tools to brew tea with. In this video, Jesse Jacobs walks you through several tea making implements, so that you may become a confident and educated tea ware buyer.

Herbal Blend Tasting

Herbal Blend Tasting Samovar Tea Lounge has some of the most delicious Herbal and Tea Blends out there. Have you ever wondered how Samovar chooses which teas and herbals to serve? Join Jesse Jacobs and Erick Xicum as they taste variations of 3 herbal blends and decide which botanicals will win Samovar’s seal of  approval […]

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