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How to Buy Tea

Choosing teas from the seemingly never-ending selection can sometimes be daunting. Let Samovar Tea Lounge guide you through the maze of different teas and help you learn about what makes a good tea.

How Tea is Made

Picking. Sorting. Steaming. Firing. Twisting. Oxidizing. All of these techniques and more are used to produce the best tasting tea. Learn more about how the perfect leaf becomes the perfect sip. All tea is made from the same plant. Yes, you read right, all tea, whether it’s black, oolong, green, white, or pu-erh, comes from […]

Learn About Green Tea

What makes Green Tea green? Low oxidation gives the popular blend its jade, emerald, grassy, oceanic, fresh, lively, uplifting, cooling and naturally nourishing aspects, to mention just a few.

Learn About Black Tea

Fully oxidized, hearty, and high in caffeine, Black Tea originated as Chinese Hong Ta, or “Red Tea”, but the black leaf color and demand of the West helped it make a more popular name for itself.

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