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The Single Most Essential Ingredient In Any Tea

Take a moment right now as you’re reading this to contemplate water. Yes, that everyday substance that we use to clean our clothes, and water our lawn, to clean our bodies, and to brew our tea.

Water is life.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water.

The earth is mostly water.

Tea is just flavored water.

Water is life and it deserves special appreciation and attention.

We have so sadly abused this life giving elixir. We stuff it into plastic bottles. We chemically alter it by making it “smart.” We chlorinate and fluoridate it. We use it to wash road grime from our cars. We use it to cool nuclear reactors. We abuse it. We throw it away. We do not respect water. And without this liquid we can die in less than three days.

At Samovar Tea Lounge we do our best to acknowledge and appreciate this beverage. We realize that without it we have no business. Because of water, we brew great tea. We buy our groceries. We hydrate with Jasmine Green Tea after yoga class because we are so fortunate to be blessed with abundant, and good tasting, clean water.

This is not the case for so much of the world. Millions of people the world over do not have access to fresh, clean water. And so they die. That’s why great organizations like Charity Water exist. We are so blessed here, today.

Recently I had the chance to talk with Wu De, tea monk and founder of Global Tea Hut, about the importance and magic of water with tea. Check out the video below; we’ll also be posting three more conversations with Wu De to our blog in the coming days.

So please, join us at Samovar Tea Lounge by taking just a moment out of your next sip of tea, water, or even coffee, and offer up your own Water Prayer of Gratitude. And if you like, share your prayer with us in the comment section below.

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