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Teas for Dads

Like Tea Father, Tea Son

America has finally gotten over a stereotype of tea involving pinkies and lace to embrace the many and varied tea traditions and tastes from around the world.

Tea can be manly enough for even the most macho of parents and is becoming an integral part of the “modern man” image. This Father’s Day, forget ties and power tools – tea is the cool gift for today’s dads. Here are Samovar’s top teas for your #1 Dad:

A tea fit for an emperor – Remind Dad that he’s king of the castle with Palace Pu-erh. It’s plucked from the new, young leaves of trees that are over 100 years old. (Insert your own “Dad’s getting old” joke here.) Notes of bittersweet espresso and chocolate last for hours with successive, evolving infusions of this wild-crafted tea.

Cowboy tea – In South America, gauchos (or “cowboys”) gather around campfires in the mountains to bond over gourds of bittersweet, high-caffeine Sweet Yerba Mate. Muy macho!

Grill-master tea – We know Dads love their grills, but instead of another pair of barebque tongs or ironic apron, why not give Dad a killer secret ingredient? Lapsang Souchong is a robustly smoky tea that chefs and grill-masters love for marinating and smoking meats and seafood. Oh, and it’s great as a beverage, too.

Popeye’s favorite – Popeye’s preferred panacea was spinach, but if his character were retooled as a modern-day hero, I bet he’d drink Gyokuro. It’s shade grown for a huge helping of antioxidants, a health helping of focus-inducing L-theanine, an intensely green color and a spinachy, savory taste that Popeye would love. We think your real-life hero (ahem, Dad) will love it, too.

Wise guy tea Ocean of Wisdom was custom-blended for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Organic rooibos, honeybush and spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger, licorice) make Ocean of Wisdom an amazing dessert tea and a perfect caffeine-free alternative to Masala Chai for your favorite “wise guy.”

Other favorites on our dad list, are the caffeine-free, refreshing delight Organic Orange Ginger Herbal Blend; the roasted and delicious Monkey Picked Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea; and the classic father-favorites: Organic Earl Grey, and Samovar Breakfast Blend Black Tea. All these suggestions are flavorful and fit to fill any World’s Best Dad mug! And in honor of Father’s Day, they will be 20% off until June 21st using coupon code: TEADAD20

-Lindsey for Samovarlife

Lindsey “Vee” Goodwin is a professional tea writer and consultant. She founded Vee Tea, is a contributing editor to World Tea News, writes for non-industry publications about tea and writes web copy/press releases for tea companies. She is also a consultant to several tea companies and teaches about tea through staff training and individual/small group classes and tastings. Click here to reach her by email.

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