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Tea with Erica Sandberg: Samovar Breakfast Blend, Ancient Gold

Your money is your life, and good financial management is really, really important. Erica joins me for a pot of Earl Grey tea at Samovar where she speaks candidly on passion and money.

Note: this video is edited to 10 minutes, but you can listen to the full 40-minute audio interview on iTunes.

Show Notes

  • Everyone can manage their finances, get the most out of their money, and improve their life
  • It all starts with the “How we get money”
  • How to find work you love (after all it’s more than 8 hours every day)
  • How to plan financially
  • How to not care about other people
  • Top 3 Challenges to managing finances
  • How to focus on money
  • Modern Living: How to build credit and manage it
  • Importance of living within your means
  • Savings and Investing
  • Getting support from friends
  • Money is who we are, our energy, and it’s personal


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About the Guest

Erica Sandberg is a nationally recognized credit and money management expert. She was produced and hosted a personal finance program called Adventures in Money and was deeply involved in a financial education video program called Change Starts at Home. Erica also works as a writer and reporter for,, and the SFGate, the San Francisco Chronicle’s online publication.

A sought-after commentator, Erica is a frequent guest on such national shows as PBS Nightly Business Report, ABC News GoodMoney, CBS MoneyWatch, Forbes Video Network, Fox Business Network, as well as KRON-TV and all Bay Area networks.

Prior to launching her own financial writing and consulting business in 2008, Erica was affiliated with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco for over ten years. There she helped thousands of individuals and families improve their financial standing, led countless educational seminars, and acted as the agency’s primary public relations spokesperson. And before that? A brief but highly educational stint as an English and literature teacher in several Northern California high schools.

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