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Tea time, nitro-style

Tea time, nitro-style

Cool, creamy, full bodied, refreshing, sugar and calorie free, and with zero to high caffeine. That’s right, it’s Nitro-Tea-Time, and we are excited to be launching our newest menu additions…Pineapple Coconut Baozhong Oolong, Cardamom-Rose Wild Crafted Black, Golden Turmeric Ginger, Pan-fired Bancha Green and more. Swing by Fillmore Street or Yerba Buena Gardens for a taste of Spring by way of our new Nitro Teas.

How do we make this uber-elixir that has no added sugar and no calories? We do it slooooooooooowly. Cold-brewing our tea for 12-18 hours, the slow extraction subtly, carefully, gently, caresses the nuances and notes and deep penetrating flavors out of the tea and into your cup.

Nitrogen gas infused into the cold brew delivers a special texture and body that’s hard to describe, and easy to taste. Cool, creamy, full and satisfying. That’s how it feels. Taste? Think of a rich journey to the world’s farthest corners with the most fresh, unique and exotic teas and botanicals infused in 3x filtered water.

Service style? We  serve all the nitro teas in a fluted Belgian beer glass. This special shape channels the wafting aromas up your nostrils, and straight to your olfactory epithelium, delivering you pure aroma-joy.

This week’s teas on tap include:

  • California Rose: cardamom and floral rose notes and a smooth malty muscatel from the black tea. High in caffeine.
  • Bancha: Japanese pan-roasted tea with medium caffeine, and notes of cut grass and toasted pine nuts.
  • Hibiscus Bliss: Caffeine-free botanical with tart hibiscus, and  natural lemongrass notes. Slightly sweet.
  • Pineapple Coconut Oolong: A tropical oolong. Medium caffeine, mild astringency with natural pineapple chunks and coconut for a pina-colada-style tea.
  • Turmeric Gold: Pure Guatemalan turmeric, shredded ginger, and nothing else. Spicy, mildly earthy and round.  Naturally caffeine free.
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