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Ryokucha Tea Tasting

Tune in to this page at 2pm PST Friday, October 12 for a live online tea tasting with Jesse Jacobs, founder and owner of Samovar Tea Lounge! 


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If you’ve ever wanted to get into tea, this will be your chance to learn all the basics. I will be focusing on how to brew and taste Ryokucha, one of my personal favorites. I’ll also be getting into some real “Tea 101” so that anyone new tea tea in general or green tea in specific will be able to learn the ropes.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

1. How to know the difference between good tea and bad tea.
2. What makes green tea so special, Japanese green tea so incredible, and Ryokucha so amazing.
3. Tea brewing essentials.
4. How to brew Ryokucha Japanese green tea: three very different  approaches for getting great that green tea taste and maximum health benefits.
5. About tea and caffeine: enough to get you awake
6. Antioxidants and why green tea is so healthy.
7. Tea tasting primer: how to taste with all your senses
8. Tea and focus: Why this ritual helps you get more done and feel better about it
9. Pairing food and tea basics for your next tea-paired meal
10. Q&A

Not everybody can visit us in San Francisco so this is your chance, wherever you are, to share a pot of one of our favorite organic Japanese green teas, Ryokucha. Whether you’re in a research station in Antarctica, the suburbs of Boston, the Australian outback, the trenches of Silicon Valley, or the back woods of Maine if you’ve got an Internet connection you can tune in live.

So, drop your todo list and take 15 minutes to connect with tea lovers around the world in this simple and profound Ryokucha tea ritual. You’ll emerge relaxed and renewed, energized and informed.

Order some Samovar Organic Ryokucha Green Tea and our favorite brewpot, the Vivid and get ready to fire off your most pressing questions about tea, Ryokucha, Samovar Tea Lounge, entrepreneurialism–whatever you want!


How It Works

1. Prepare: Get your tea kitchen ready. You’ll need some Samovar Organic Ryokucha Green Tea, hot water, a brewpot, and a cup.

Bookmark the stream page and feel free to post questions in advance so I can be sure to cover your most pressing topics.

2. Get Ready: A few minutes before 2PM PST on Friday, October 12, start heating water in your kettle.

3. Open the Stream: The video will begin playing at 2pm PST at the top of this page.

5. Tea Time! Together, all around the world, we’ll share a pot of tea. I’ll spend about 15 minutes presenting the tea and sharing the qualities that make it exceptional. Then, stick around and I’ll respond to questions and comments on the embedded chat for as long as I can.


Why People Love Ryokucha

It starts with the name: “Ryoku” means green in Japanese. And “cha” means tea. We take medium-sized, steamed Japanese sencha (chu-mushi) green tea leaves and blend them with “genmai” (organic brown rice). This pairing creates a well-balanced flavor combining a nutty, roasty, warm, toasted-grain profile with the sencha’s grassy, oceanic, mildly-spinach quality. Already, the color is a bright green from the sencha, but it truly shines when we add the shade-grown, chlorophyll-laden, de-veined and pulverized green tea, “matcha.”

The matcha is pulverized into so fine a powder that it floats weightlessly in your brew and creates an even more flavorful, vibrantly green, creamy quality. As if that weren’t enough, as you drink the tea you are, in fact, ingesting the leaves, and in the process getting a powerful dose of nutrition, energy and antioxidant health benefits.

Why do peole love Samovar Organic Ryokucha Green Tea? It’s packed with healthy antioxidants, creates a state of alert calmness that’s perfect for focusing and it’s delicious. It’s a great staple for your morning ritual and unique enough to bring out on special occasions.

Don’t take my word for it. Our recent survey asked, “What is your favorite Samovar Tea Lounge offering?” and here’s a sampling of the responses.

Ryokucha, its just amazing!
– Josh from NY, NYRyokucha–hands down!!!
– Andrea J. from San Francisco, CARyokucha. This is literally the best mix tea I have encountered to date.
– Darren B., from Boston, MA

I am a big fan of the Ryokucha, I’ve tried other toasted rice green teas but they don’t come close to your version.
– Scott D., Spokane, WA


How To Brew Samovar Organic Ryokucha Green Tea

We find that using more tea and a steeping for a shorter period gets the best results.

1. Tea: Scoop 1-2 tablespoons of tea into your Vivid Brewpot.

2. Boiling Water: Add just enough boiling water for the teacup (or cups) you’ll be serving.

3. Wait: Steep for 30 seconds. Keep focused! This is not a lot of time and if it steeps too long you might not like the result.

4. Enjoy: Pour the tea into your teacup and drink while it’s hot, as soon as you can sip it comfortably.

5. Re-Steep: Add more hot water to the teapot as needed and re-steep to taste, typically waiting longer with each batch.

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos we’ve done before, but this live, tea tasting ritual will be a first-ever. If you think your friends or family might enjoy our Ryokucha tea ritual, please spread the word by sharing a link to the live tea tasting: /taste-ryokucha.
Once again, we’re scheduled for Friday, October 12, at 2PM PST. See you then!


With gratitude,

Jesse Jacobs, Founder and Owner

Samovar Tea Lounge


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