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Tea for Techies

Kevin Rose has influenced many in the tech industry to turn to tea.  An alternative to the quick jolts and sudden drops associated with coffee, tea offers a steadier alternative that can sustain a techie’s alertness throughout the day.  Not to mention the health benefits, or the fact that drinking tea is just much cooler these days. 

Last fall Jesse and Kevin came together to brainstorm ways of introducing tea to those outside the immediate SF scene.  What they decided upon was a sampler set of teas that Kevin drank on a daily basis at work and with friends.  The set consisted of a broad range of teas: Ryokucha, Wuyi Dark Roast, and Maiden’s Ecstasy. A durable brewing basket to make brewing tea quick and convenient was also included

Although we are sold out of these sets, all three of these teas are still available to buy online.  Each is Kevin Rose approved and a great way to discover this world of tea for the techie and connoisseur alike.

Ryokucha: A hearty, rich brew with extra caffeine from the matcha powder blended with Japanese green tea and toasted rice.
Wuyi Dark Roast Oolong: A roasty, chocolatey tea with a sweet finish of raisin sugar.
Maiden’s Ecstasy Pu-Erh: A smooth, earthy, dark tea that coffee lovers go crazy for.


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