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Tea Focus: Our New Apple Ginseng Oolong


For much of the West Coast, autumn is an extension of summer. In the Bay Area, September and October can be even more pleasant as the fog lifts and the sun shines through. But back in Boston, where I grew up, and in the more temperate parts of the States, fall is here, and fall means apples.

And so it is with the memories of raking for hours, racing through the crisp air, jumping into giant leaf piles, and the juicy explosion of biting into a freshly picked Cortland, that I introduce you to the Samovar Tea Lounge Apple Ginseng Oolong.


To make this tea we combined Taiwanese Oolong with chunks of organic apple, organic white Panax ginseng, and organic licorice root. The health benefits of ginseng and licorice have long been known but I drink it for the taste. The oolong tea creates a naturally floral, crisp and uplifting base. Combining it with apple, ginseng and licorice balances the flavor’s beginning, middle and end. It’s fruity with a delicate hint of sweetness that finishes with a fresh, light aftertaste that will keep you smiling.

Enjoy the tea’s natural energetic boost and pair it breakfast foods like French toast, eggs, hot cereal, or pancakes to get a great start to your day. Or try a cup of Apple Ginseng Oolong as a counter point to rich desserts like chocolate cake, flan, or bread pudding.

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