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Tea Beer

There are plenty of coffee beers on the market. It makes sense – coffee’s bold taste pairs with stronger beers almost effortlessly. However, there’s a growing trend in tea beers from various smaller/micro- breweries and home brewers. Here are a few tea-and-beer brews worth checking out:

Ineeka Organic Green Tea Beer
SLO Chai Cream Ale
Belgian brewer Lindemans’ Tea Beer, which supposedly tastes like sweet tea with lime
Great Lakes Brewery Green Tea Ale  (available in Ontario in the springtime)
Mateveza cerveza made with Yerba Mate

I’ve heard that Rogue and Smuttynose (among others) have also offered chai beers seasonally in the past, and I’m sure I’m missing some great ones. Have you tried any that you loved? If so, what were they and who made them?

If you like to home brew beer, here are a few tea beer recipes to get you started:

How to make herbal “tea” beer (replace teabags with a tablespoon of an herbal loose tea blend)

How to make Chai Ale

How to make beer with a mild tea flavor (You can use most types of tea for this, so long as the flavor is bold enough to not get lost in the brew.)

If you have your own tea beer recipes, please share them by posting below. We’d love to hear about your brewing adventures!

Also, next time you’re in Taiwan, consider trying the sweet, 0.5% alcohol Beer-Flavored Green Tea  for giggles. It’s not really tea and it’s not really beer… but it certainly is a singular experience!

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