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Reflections from Jesse, Samovar’s Founder

I opened the first Samovar 6 years ago, at 498 Sanchez Street in the Castro-Mission, with the purpose of propagating the tea culture to modern San Francisco. I have spent much of my life pursuing the practice of Awareness, on the cushion, on the mat, in the dojo, back on the cushion, dojo, mat, and […]

Jodet, Samovar Leader Reports on her Learnings

Jodet, one of our esteemed leaders recently put together her thoughts on her 2008 learnings at Samovar. They were so amazing, we had to share them!

“Work is love made visible. Everything else is secondary.”

Liberating the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Good

Business can really make a difference for the greater good. Look at how Samovar makes people feel: good, healthy, and happy. That’s our purpose. And, although it isn’t easy, it is fun, and rewarding to see our customers smile and express their gratitude.

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