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Jodet, Samovar Leader Reports on her Learnings

Jodet, one of our esteemed leaders recently put together her thoughts on her 2008 learnings at Samovar. They were so amazing, we had to share them!

“Work is love made visible. Everything else is secondary.”

Samovar Staff Speak Out: How to Spot Your Own Sweet Darjeeling

  Julian, one of our most esteemed tea gurus talks tea, and dating and how to best blend the two! You can learn so much about a person by what kind of tea they order. Don’t get me wrong – I was definitely a peppermint Stash kind of guy when I walked into Samovar for […]

People of Samovar: Meet Paul T.’s Mom

This entry is from Paul T., one of our esteemed Samovar family members. You might see him at Yerba Buena Gardens, sipping Maiden’s Ecstasy, or writing, or doing a tea tasting. Paul was home in Michigan this Thanksgiving, and had a very special tea service with his mother.

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