Paul T

Paul T.

After eight years on the hardpan of the Sonoran desert, Paul moved to the concrete and metal canyons of San Francisco to pursue the urban tea lifestyle as well as his artistic dreams as a writer. “The Israelites did 40 years in the desert but I only ended up having to do eight,” he jokes…

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Meditation & Tea: Words of Wisdom from Samovar’s Paul T.

Paul T. writes: “To my knowledge, no one ever founded a spiritual practice based on the preparation of a Starbucks Americano”.

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People of Samovar: Meet Paul T.’s Mom

This entry is from Paul T., one of our esteemed Samovar family members. You might see him at Yerba Buena Gardens, sipping Maiden’s Ecstasy, or writing, or doing a tea tasting. Paul was home in Michigan this Thanksgiving, and had a very special tea service with his mother.

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