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Organic Tea in Japan: Challenges Today

Ayumi Kinezuka visits us from Japan to talk about her organic tea farm in Shizuoka, and the challenges facing small artisan Japanese tea farmers today.
– Meet the family: an entire production from a small family operation
– Where are today’s generation of organic tea farmers? Challenges with aging tea farmers means fewer farmers making high-grade Japanese green tea
– Big beverage companies offering bottled green tea replaces Slow Tea
– Big business lacks microenvironment knowledge to manage small organic farms
– How can a consumer make a difference

Check out the Teas in this video…Organic Tea, Green Tea, and Fair Trade Tea.

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Ryokucha Green Tea has Just Arrived from Japan… yum!

blogryokuchagreenteaFresh Ryokucha has just arrived.

Creamy, full bodied, matcha infused, malty, smooth & sweet, and with a mildly grassy finish. That’s Ryokucha, our special house-blended staple, and the ingredients are fresh from Japan.

This tea has a very complex taste, but a very simple effect: It feels good!

Ryokucha green tea is so popular because it’s easy to brew, tastes so pleasing, and is perfect for drinking all day long. Like a meal for breakfast, a pick-me-up midday, and a cozy soother for the evening, this tea has been a staff and customer favorite since we opened.

Ryokucha is Samovar’s version of Genmaicha, the beloved traditional toasted rice green tea, but ours has a twist! Click here to find out more about Ryokucha.