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Limited Edition Teas: Ginger Lily and Eight Immortals Dancong Oolong

Two Rare, Limited Quantity Oolongs

We recently got our hands on a few pounds of extremely rare Dancong (pronounced Dawn-Song) oolongs from Phoenix Mountain region of China. These teas come from trees with roots dating back 1,000 years; to a time when fresh foods disappeared with each passing season year and all winter long the emperors and royalty drank oolong for it’s fruity, naturally  sweet flavor.

Growing in the clouds along the craggy cliffs and mountains, these Dancong oolongs are imbued with Shan Yu, “High Mountain Charm”. The complex flavor profile is completely unique to teas grown at high elevation in this coastal mountain climate and processed by master oolong artisans.

If you’ve wanted to try some excellent oolongs, these are the ones you’ve been looking for. Can’t choose? Try them both and compare! These won’t be available for long and when they are gone, they are gone.

Ginger Lily Dancong Oolong

Sorry this tea has sold out.

Subtly sweet with the complex floral aroma of White Ginger Lily, notes of clover honey, and a soft body.

Weight: 50g / 1.7 oz
Price: $69

Eight Immortals Dancong Oolong

Sorry this tea has sold out.

From one of the most treasured cultivars in the Phoenix Mountain region, this oolong has a delicate flavor that unfolds with each infusion, lush, floral with a light honey taste and orange blossom aroma.

Weight: 50g / 1.7 oz
Price: $89

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