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Samovar Teas from China

Chinese Teas at Samovar

The Chinese New Year is one of the world’s great celebrations. This year, we’re going into the Year of the Pig.

China is recognized as the birthplace of tea, thousands of years ago. At Samovar, we’re passionate about the internationality of tea, yet it’s important to return to origin time and again. Chinese Tea represents the whole range of taste – from black to Green, Pu-Erh to White, the variety of Chinese teas go from fully bodied, to astringent with a complex mouthfeel, and on to soothing, well balanced and floral.

Wherever you’re from, join us in raising a cup of water infused with these leaves to the growers and processors of Chinese tea!

Organic Chinese Black Teas

Full bodied, astringent, well balanced and classically bright

Organic Chinese Green Teas

Mild caffeine, complex mouthfeel, soothing and uplifting

Organic Chinese Oolong Teas

Great for many infusions, twisted leafs, sweet and extraordinary

Organic Chinese Pu-Erh Teas

Complex, rich, earthy and a nice caffeine boost

Organic Chinese White Teas

Vegetal, nutty, unique sweetness and warm mouthfeel

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