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Samovar Shamans: Meet Rowan Cutler, Samovar’s Tarot Shaman

Many of you have seen Rowan at the Tea Lounges, or received insight into your life as he read your cards over a cup of tea. He’s Samovar’s tarot reader, and in the coming months he will be writing a series of articles featuring modern-day shamans. Here, he shares about the synergy of tea and tarot:

Tea is ritual. You sip and pause. You watch the steam rising off the teacup. You make yourself empty and relax…ahh. The moment fills you up and you are recharged. Life makes sense again.

Tarot is ritual. You shuffle the cards and pause. You watch the cards arranged in a pattern. You make yourself empty and release…ohm. The images fill you up and you are renewed. Life makes sense again.

Now more than ever, we need easy access to refocus and remember our point of power! I invite you to take a deep in-breath and join me as we meet the Shamans in our Samovar community. They help us to re-find our essence. Each month, we greet a new Shaman and gain a new ritual to ponder as we take a sip from our steaming cup.

As Samovar’s “Tarot Shaman”, I want to extend a Namaste. I will be offering mini-divinations custom designed to fit into your Samovar teatime. You may only need one card to find your focus before yoga class or a full fifteen-minute spread to gear up for dinner with your Ex. Whatever the length, my dollar-a-minute mini readings will soothe your soul!

Please stop by for some Tea & Tarot. Bring friends and enjoy a Psychic Tea Party!

Tarot Calendar at the Tea Lounges (visit www.wowtarot.com for the most up-to-date schedule):

Tuesdays: Samovar Mission-Castro, 8-10PM

Thursdays: Samovar Hayes Valley, 8-10PM

Saturdays: Samovar Mission-Castro, 2-6PM

Sundays: Samovar Hayes Valley, 2-5PM

Drop in during Rowan’s hours for a reading, reserve a spot ahead of time, or purchase a Tea and Tarot Gift Certificate for a great gift, date, and out-of-the-ordinary adventure with friends!

Stay tuned for next month’s Samovar Shaman!

Rowan Cutler is the “Tarot Shaman” for Samovar Tea Lounge. He is a sought after SF Psychic who has been in private practice for 15 years. He is a published author and wrote for an Emmy nominated TV show. Let him lay out the cards and read the story of your life! Join him at Samovar for an only-in-SF experience to compliment your contemplative teatime. You can drop in or pre-book by contacting him at www.wowtarot.com.

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