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Samovar Experience: Pam

Pam is a long time customer at the Mission-Castro Samovar location. You’ll often see her working on her latest writing project or hanging out her two boys (pictured right). Below she shares one of her Samovarian experiences.

The other day I was having one of those days when everything is exhausting, overwhelming, crappy, and you are ready to let the less nice part of yourself dominate your actions— I thought if I can just make it to Samovar it will all be okay. Finally the babysitter arrived and I arrived. There I was greeted by two fabulous servers: Alex and Oscar, who greeted me with enthusiasm, warmth and humor. Then they both (separately) said “Don’t worry– I’ve got just the thing for you.” They loaded me up with magnificent, exotic teas and plied me with quinoa waffles and in a matter of minutes I felt spoiled, happy and able to be once again the nice person I like to think of myself as, most of the time.
Samovar does this people–it is a mini oasis in the midst of our busy lives–a place where I come to refuel, re-center, think deep and frivolous thoughts, work, and more more more. When my book gets published, the first people I will thank will be the entire staff of Samovar.
Pamela Alma Bass, writer/teacher
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