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Ambassador Robert
Ambassador Robert

“My first pu-erh ever, is still my favorite. The Maiden’s Ecstasy . Bittersweet chocolate is what it reminds me of, but it is just aged tea. I love this one because it’s great for travel, and I always carry a can with me when I travel home to London to visit my family. They all drink the standard breakfast blends, so, when I bring out this exotic little wrapped tea-nugget, they are all intrigued. Just unwrapping it is really exciting–part of the ceremony.”

“My other every day, favorite tea it the Monkey Picked Iron Goddess of Mercy . So many infusions, with so few leaves. This tea packs a punch–caffeine as well as the classic Tieguanyin woodsy-floral profile. I actually even believe the lore about this tea: It has a rather energizing effect on the libido. My other favorite oolong is the Wuyi Dark Roast. I always serve this tea for special occasions, like when I have a dinner party. You always get many infusions”

“I love to camp. And, whenever I go my old faithful tea is the Wei Chi Cha. Refreshing and re hydrating, it is the best thing to have to start the day. No caffeine, and loads of taste. You can’t go wrong with that herbal.

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